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Lye Calculator

These calculations are based on Lye being Sodium Hydroxide These calculations are not for Potassium Hydroxide. Please enter in your total ounces where the heading is in RED, hit Tab or Enter, and the calculator will automatically calculate. You can look across the row to see what to use to make a Regular Soap, a 9% superfated or a 5% superfated soap recipe. To Start Over: Hit the Start Over button at the bottom of the page.
You will see your final recipe in the "Totals" row on the bottom.

If you need help with converting grams, ounces or pounds, there is a handy converter at the bottom of the page.
This calculator is set to work in ounces only.

  Sap Input 5% Superfat Soap 9%Superfat Soap 0% Superfat Soap
Oil Value Oz Oil Oz Lye Oz Water Oz Lye Oz Water Oz Lye Oz Water
 Almond Oil (Sweet)                
 Apricot Kernel Oil                
 Arachis Oil                
 Avocado Oil                
 Babassu Oil                
 Beef Hoof Oil                
 Beef Tallow                
 Bees Wax (white)                
 Brazil Nut Oil                
 Butterfat, cow                
 Butterfat, goat                
 Camellia Oil                
 Canola Oil                
 Castor Oil                
 Chicken fat                
 Chinese Bean Oil                
 Cocoa Butter                
 Coconut Oil                
 Cod-liver oil                
 Coffee-seed Oil                
 Colza Oil                
 Corn Oil                
 Cottonseed oil                
 Crisco/Veg Shortening                
 Earthnut Oil                
 Emu Oil                
 Flaxseed Oil                
 Florence Oil (aka Olive)                
 Gigely Tree Oil                
 Grapeseed oil                
 Hazelnut oil                
 Hemp seed oil                
 Java Cotton Oil                
 JoJoba Oil                
 Kapok Oil                
 Karite Butter (shea)                
 Katchung Oil                
 Kukui nut oil                
 Lanolin (wool fat)                
 Linseed oil                
 Loccu Oil                
 Macadamia Oil                
 Maize Oil                
 Mink Oil                
 Mustard oil                
 Neat's foot oil                
 Neem oil                
 Niger-seed oil                
 Nutmeg butter                
 Olium Olivate                
 Olive Oil                
 Palm Butter                
 Palm Kernel Oil                
 Palm Oil                
 Peanut Oil                
 Perilla oil                
 Poppyseed oil                
 Pumpkinseed oil                
 Ramic Oil                
 Rape Oil                
 Rapeseed Oil                
 Rice Bran Oil                
 Ricinus Oil                
 Safflower Oil                
 Sesame Seed Oil                
 Shea Butter                
 Shortening (veg)                
 Soybean Oil                
 Sunflower Seed Oil                
 Sweet Oil                
 Tallow, deer (venison fat)                
 Tallow, beef                
 Tallow, mutton                
 Tallow, vegetable                
 Tallow, goat                
 Teal/Teel/Til Oil                
 Theobroma Oil                
 Tung oil                
 Walnut oil                
 Wheatgerm Oil                
 Wool fat (lanolin)                
      5% Superfat Soap 9%Superfat Soap 0% Superfat Soap
Oil Value Oz Oil Oz Lye Oz Water Oz Lye Oz Water Oz Lye Oz Water

Conversion Tables
Grams to Ounces
Ounces to Grams
Pounds to Ounces


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