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Essential7.com is an online essential oil supplier. We offer a wide range of 100% pure, therapeutic quality essential oils, absolute oils, precious oils, fragrance oils, carrier oils, butters, waxes, clays, powders and extracts


All of our oils are 100% pure and natural, of therapeutic quality and free from any chemicals or pesticides.  Although all of our products are of premium quality, our essential oils are not certified organic

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Essential7 is headed to the American Music Awards November 22, 2014


We wish to create a wider audience whose knowledge and awareness will lead to further education about therapeutic grade essential oils and their various properties and uses.   Celebrities are often good sources for marketing and creating awareness and benefits of our products. Only by creating knowledge and awareness of the availability of therapeutic grade essential oils are we able to educate people on improving quality of life.



Orders over $50.00 of products (excluding shipping cost) will now receive a 10% discount.  Orders over $150.00 of products (excluding shipping cost) will receive a 20% discount. Your order must be placed on-line only to receive discounts.


You must use code SAV10 for 10% off and code SAV20 for 20% off.


No refunds will be given if you placed your order and forgot to use the code.