Chili Seed, Red Essential Oil

Main Constituents: Capsaicin: 0.10.5% Botanical Name: Capsicum annum L Plant Part: Seeds Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Origin: India Description: The chili pepper, a hotly pungent variety of Capsicum was first cultivated by the people of Central and South America in around 3000BC. The oil is derived by passing steam through the seeds - the source of the most intense spice. Color: Dark red viscous liquid. Consistency: Thick and viscous Aromatic Scent: Chili Seed Essential Oil has a strong, pungent, stimulating scent that is very hot and spicy. Note: Base Strength of Aroma: Strong Blends well with: Chili Seed is not typically blended with other essential oils. Common Uses:Chili Seed Essential Oil has capsaicin, as one of its main components, and also has capsicina, capsanthin, oligoalimenti, lecithin, Vitamin C and flavonoids. It is credited by aromatherapists as being an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory, and as a digestive aid. History: Columbus brought the seeds back to Europe in 1493, and from there it has spread to the cuisines of the entire world. Pre-Hispanic Americans believed the chili to contain medicinal qualities. Chili Seed is currently being studied by Western medical researchers in their fight against cancer. Cautions: Excessive use of this product should be avoided. It may stain clothing and skin. Wash hand immediately after use. Avoid use during pregnancy.
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